GB7PM is co-located with GB3WR on the Mendip Hills in Somerset and is run by the Mendip Repeater Group.

The Mendip Repeater Group first brought C4FM to the area in 2015. This was hosted on GB3WR and was set up as a dual mode stand-alone repeater. It soon became very popular and it was decided that we would try and get a separate fusion 70cm NOV.

September 17th, 2017 saw the first tests of GB7PM, shortly after getting her on the air we started testing various ways of getting the box connected to the internet via the system Fusion Wires X box. The best solution was to use a 70cm gateway. We operated the gateway for a while but eventually abandoned it due to interference.

Since then we have developed a way of using MMDVM and a 4g connection from the site that now allows us to connect the repeater to the internet without the use of the gateway. This system now allows us to connect to other repeaters/rooms without the need for Wires-X. For the time being we are connected to CQUK.

GB7PM is an internet-linked repeater and as such doesn’t require you to press the X button on your radio to access the internet, please operate as follows…

1 – Operate the PTT and call as you would any other repeater, there is NO need to press the DX button.

2 – After you have finished talking keep the PTT engaged for a second.

3 – Before you answer a call or between overs please allow a 4 second break.

We would like to thank the following for their help and support in getting GB7PM on the air.

Burnham on sea ARC

G7WBE Denis

2E0MDJ Matt for Constructing and configuring the new MMDVM System and for him and his team at London Hosting for the website and hosting services they provide.